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Hexarelin CJC-1295 NO DAC Peptide Stack


Buy Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC Stack

Hexarelin and CJC-1295 No DAC, when used together, can potentially offer enhanced benefits for muscle growth and fat loss due to their synergistic effect. Both peptides stimulate the release of growth hormone, with Hexarelin being particularly potent, while CJC-1295 No DAC provides a steady increase of GH levels.

Hexarelin 2mg | CJC-1295 No DAC 2mg

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Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC Peptide Stack New Zealand

This product is intended for research purposes only. To be used by trained professionals only.

Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC peptide stack consists of two peptides that have gained attention in the realm of health and fitness for their potential benefits when used together. Both of these compounds play a role in the stimulation of growth hormone (GH) production, which can have several positive effects on the body.

Hexarelin is a synthetic hexapeptide that acts as an agonist (activator) of the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR). This means it stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain, leading to increased levels of this vital protein in the bloodstream [1]. Hexarelin is particularly potent in this regard, with studies indicating it may stimulate a larger release of GH than other similar peptides.

Research has found that Hexarelin may contribute to increased muscle mass and strength, aid in fat loss, and enhance recovery from workouts due to improved cellular regeneration. Hexarelin can also potentially improve bone density, making it beneficial for those with osteoporosis or similar conditions. Furthermore, some New Zealand research suggests that Hexarelin could have heart-protective properties, potentially reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, CJC-1295 No DAC, also known as Mod GRF 1-29, is a modified version of the original GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) peptide. The “No DAC” part of its name refers to the absence of a Drug Affinity Complex, which allows for a slower, more sustained release of the peptide. This results in a steady increase in GH levels over time, rather than a sudden spike [2].

The prolonged stimulation of the production of growth hormone (GH), can lead to increased muscle mass and strength, improved vitality, and decreased body fat. The peptide may also enhance recovery from injury or workouts due to increased cellular regeneration, and potentially contribute to organ regrowth. Furthermore, New Zealand clinical studies suggest that CJC-1295 No DAC could improve the cardiovascular system and increase sex drive.

Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC Synergist Effects

When the two peptides – Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC are used together, they can potentially offer a number of synergistic benefits. The potent immediate GH release from Hexarelin combined with the sustained release from CJC-1295 No DAC can lead to higher overall levels of growth hormone in the body. This could translate into improved muscle growth, enhanced fat loss, better recovery from workouts, improved skin health, and even potential anti-aging effects [3].


[1] https://www.sciencedirect.com/ topics/neuroscience/hexarelin

[2] https://journals.physiology.org/ doi/full/10.1152/ajpendo.00201.2006

[3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC4178518/

Hexarelin Specifications

Sequence: H-His-D-2-Me-Trp-Ala-Trp-D-Phe-Lys-NH2

Molecular Formula: C47H58N12O6

Molecular Weight: 887.04

CJC-1295 No DAC Specifications

Sequence: Tyr-D-Ala-Asp-Ala-Ile-Phe-Thr-Gln-Ser-Tyr-Arg-Lys-Val-Leu-Ala-Gln-Leu-Ser-Ala-Arg-Lys-Leu-Leu-Gln-Asp-Ile-Leu-Ser-Arg–NH2

Molecular Formula: C152H252N44O42

Molecular Weight: 3367.97

Storage: Lyophilized peptides to be stored below -18°C

Hexarelin CJC-1295 No DAC Stack is for Research use only. Not for human or animal consumption!


DISCLAIMER: These products are intended solely as a research chemical only. This classification allows for their use only for research development and laboratory studies. The information available on our New Zealand Direct Peptides website: https://new-zealand.direct-peptides.com is provided for educational purposes only. These products are not for human or animal use or consumption in any manner. Handling of these products should be limited to suitably qualified professionals. They are not to be classified as a drug, food, cosmetic, or medicinal product and must not be mislabelled or used as such.

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